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Welcome to AIChE/DIPPR® Project ESP (Environmental Safety Properties) at Michigan Technological University.

The goal of this project is to develop a comprehensive database of critically evaluated properties of regulated chemical species that are important to the chemical process industry. Properties of the pure species pertaining to environmental, safety and health (ESH) concerns are the prime focus in the data collection and validation efforts of the project. Limited mixture property data ( e.g., infinite dilution vapor/liquid equilibrium data) are also being collected

The primary product of Project ESP is a database of physical properties with a sophisticated computer interface. Other products will include evaluated and enhanced of property estimation techniques originally developed by DIPPR® Project 912.

The investigators critically assesses the "quality" of data found in the literature by compiling all available data, subject them to various automated error checks, and providing recommended data values and correlation parameters.

The ESP database may be used to support engineering and regulatory calculations and, when used in conjunction with the estimation protocols established through DIPPR® Project 912, to predict properties for chemicals not readily available from literature sources.

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